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POPS the Club is a nonprofit (501 c 3) designed to provide support to teens whose lives have been impacted by the Pain of the Prison System. This nonprofit creates and sustains high-school-based clubs across the country for this long-ignored population.

One part of the POPS mission is to provide arts training and to publish the writings and artwork of the students, graduates, and friends of POPS. Each year since 2014, POPS has published a softcover collection of this work.

In addition to amplifying the voices and visions of these young people, POPS is dedicated to educating the broader public about the true impact of incarceration. Most of the youth involved in the program are the children and other loved ones of people who are in prison or jail or who have been detained or deported.

The stories, essays, poetry, and artwork in these collections were created by the more than one thousand students and dozens of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and volunteers who have been engaged with POPS the Club since its founding.